FCFS - FileCore Image Filing System

[FCFS] FCFS (1.10) - FileCore Image Filing System
© Nick Craig-Wood & Sergio Monesi 1995-7

FCFS allows you to create, read and restore images of FileCore discs.

This means that you can copy a whole floppy or hard disc image to your hard disc and then access it as if it were a directory via the FCFS image filing system. A desktop front end for the multitasking creation and restoration of these disc images is provided. This is very useful for back up purposes.

FCFS requires RISC OS 3.10 or later (it has been fully tested on Risc PC and StrongARM) and supports interactive help.

FCFS is SHAREWARE. If you use it for more than 30 days you must register; see Conditions of use for more info.


* Introduction
* FCFS images
* Making images
* Restoring images
* Multitasking operations
* Using images
* Legal notes
* Registering
* History & Credits
* Contacting the Authors
* Download FCFS


Why would anyone want to copy a FileCore disc into an image file? Well FCFS was conceived to do this for 2 main reasons.

Firstly when backing up a hard disc onto another hard disc, we noticed that FileCore took about 10 times longer to copy the contents of the disc as it did to read and write all the sectors at a low level. This is because FileCore is creating file and directories, altering the directory images and generally having to do a lot of work. FCFS allows you to copy an entire disc (floppy or hard) to a file, sector by sector, very quickly.

The second use of FCFS is to write these files back to a disc. This might be used by the maintainer of a PD library, who keeps a lot of floppy disc images on hard disc, and when he wants to write them to floppy he just uses FCFS to do so. This again is much quicker than copying the files directly.

We created an image filing to read the files out of these images (as if they were still attached as a disc drive). The image filing system is read only for the time being though.

FCFS is used every day by one of the authors for backing up his 420 Mb disc onto an external SCSI disc. This chore which used to take nearly an hour, is all over in 8 minutes! The created image is then readable with the image filing system.

Contacting the Authors

Nick Craig-Wood is at nick@craig-wood.com
Sergio Monesi is at msergio@tin.it

More information is available within the FCFS package.

Download FCFS

The latest release version can be found at Hensa or its mirrors [1][2][3].
The latest version can be always be found here [0].

See also Sergio's FCFS page.