ARM Prime

[ARM Prime] A Mersenne prime tester for ARM processors
by Nick Craig-Wood

This is the home page for my ARM Prime program. This is for testing for Mersenne prime numbers on StrongARM machines for the GIMPS project. The program is work in progress, but if anyone is interested in using or helping to develop the program then please drop me an e-mail to

At present I haven't released the program formally, because it needs a few vital features added (like save files). However it does work and has contributed a few results to GIMPs already. (See the to do list for further deficiencies!)

As for speed ARM prime is will be about 1/3 of the speed of an equivalently clocked Pentium. This is because the StrongARM does not have a floating point unit. This also means that ARM prime has been written to use an all integer FFT/DWT which makes it a bit different as explained in the math section.