Nick Craig-Wood

Who am I?

[Picture of ncw]

An enigma wrapped up in a mystery? I used to have lots more stuff here but I got bored of it ;-)

What do I do?

Currently I'm doing about 17 different things. See below for list of current employers. I also have 4 children and a wife which need lots of attention :-)

What do I do for fun?

Hack on Go stuff, rclone or other cool stuff like gpython, play with the children, read books, walk the dog, mess about with Ham radio. When I have time (which isn't often) I watch TV.

Current employers

Past employers

Family Photos

See The Christmas letter archive for some more recent pictures.

See the Dougal Alexander page for the pictures Dougal when he was a new baby!

Here are some old photos which I haven't the heart to delete

Loveday, Nick and Amy

Contacting me

You can e-mail me at

Note that my old email address was so if you are looking for someone with that address you've come to the right place!