NCWs Animations

Here are some animations that I knocked up one rainy afternoon. The computer generated animations I made using my ancient and venerable juggling program. I captured the frames to a file and then used ChangeFSI to make them smaller with anti-aliasing. I then used InterGIF to produce the animation.

When making the men juggling men etc animations I made a small mistake which made the smaller men juggle at twice the rate of the larger men. This halves the quality of the smaller men's animation, but I left it because I rather liked the smaller men juggling faster the smaller they got.

The animation of Dave Lawrence was made from some video footage I took of him quite a few years ago now. It was captured with a ReplayDIY card, made into a Replay movie, then made back into frames (some years later) with a bit of bodge up BASIC, motion compensated (the original movie had a slight pan in it) and looped with another bodge up BASIC program, made smaller with ChangeFSI and made into an animated GIF with InterGIF (phew!).

Man juggling 3 balls

* On black

Man juggling 5 balls


Man juggling 3 spinning Earths

* Medium Medium/Transparent

Man juggling 3 men juggling 3 spinning Earths

* Medium

Man juggling 3 men juggling 3 men juggling 3 spinning Earths

* Medium Large

Man juggling 3 copies of my head

* Medium

Dave Lawrence juggling 3 balls

* Medium Large

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