ISDN PABX ISTEC 1008 Technical Features

Equipment Connection

  • 1xS0 Basic rate access (point to point or point to multipoint connection)
  • 8xa/b Standard analogue equipment (automatic pulse / tone dialling detection)
  • 1x RS232 (V24) connection for a PC or printer (for programming and/or display of charging information)
  • 1x Door entry connection for an Emmerich door entry system
  • 1x Power supply AC 230V / 20VA or AC 110V

General technical features

  • D-channel protocol E-DSS1 (ETSI Standard) or 1TRG (German standard)
  • Direct dialling with MSN (Multiple Subscriber Number) or DDI (Direct Dialling In)
  • Single digit dialling in number with MSN (i.e. 57 1 1X)
  • Two digit dialling in number with DDI (i.e. 57 1 1 XY)
  • Two digit internal dialling number for analogue extensions (21 - 28)
  • Easy to install, configure and test

Internal call connection features

  • Conference facility between all analogue extensions
  • Automatic detection of pulse / tone dialling for analogue extensions
  • Call forwarding
  • Different ring signalling for internal and external calls
  • Call barring facilities
  • Integration of door entry system with the exchange
  • Call pick up On internal calls
  • Call hold On internal calls
  • Exchange programming via extension No. 21 :- internal / external call forwarding etc.
  • Music On hold

External call connection features

  • Charge details for each extension (with PC / Printer connection)
  • Direct to desk dialling
  • Analogue fax and modem features (ISDN service indication)
  • Call pick up for external calls
  • Answering machine feature
  • Call hold On external calls
  • Call hand over to another extension
  • Programmable exchange line authorization
  • Music On hold