Nick Craig-Wood


Who am I?

[Picture of ncw]

An enigma wrapped up in a mystery? I used to have lots more stuff here but I got bored of it ;-) Or you could see my Facebook account.

What do I do?

Currently I'm doing about 17 different things. See below for list of current employers. I also have 4 children and a wife which need lots of attention :-)

What do I do for fun?

Hack on android or other cool stuff like MythTV or Asterisk, play with the children, read books, walk the dog. When I have time (which isn't often) I watch TV.

Current employers

Past employers

Family Photos

See Flickr and Facebook.

See The Christmas letter archive for some more recent pictures.

See the Dougal Alexander page for the pictures Dougal when he was a new baby!

Here are some old photos which I haven't the heart to delete

Loveday, Nick and Amy

Contacting me

You can e-mail me at

Note that my old email address was so if you are looking for someone with that address you've come to the right place!