Freelance project 2015/16

Stirrup Socks Website + Campaign

Skills used


Stirrup socks is a local business for whom I have been working closely to provide digital content for their social media and website. The first task I completed for them was to create the logo. We then worked on a marketing campaign for the social media in which we recruited 3 riders who we photographed at an Equestrian event using their ‘Stirrup Socks’. This provided the company with more material to use when promoting their products.

The most recent task has been to create a website for Stirrup Socks to demonstrate the products and let customers purchase them. I took all the photos of the materials and products for the site and then created it using a bootstrap framework. There is a gallery where you can see the different style and colour products and a form where you can request an order. The website is fully responsive.

Unfortunately Stirrup Socks is no longer running and therefore the website is no longer online to view.

Stirrup Socks Logo

Stirrup Socks logo + image from website.