Xmas 2008

[Xmas 2008]

2008 has been very busy. School holidays all at different times didn't help. Easter weekend was our only time off together in the first half of the year. We went to Cornwall and on our way back we visited Buckland Abbey (see Tudor costumes). In the Easter break Nick, Amy and Ed were booked to join Ed's school ski trip. Unfortunately Ed broke his arm falling over at school at the last minute so he joined the little ones on the Isle of Wight where they had excellent snow!

In June we went to the Shamley Green fair, and were amazed that Holly (14) won the Veteran Dog class. In August we went up to London for a family day out to the Dome, the Red Bull Air Race and had a lovely trip up the Thames. You can see us on the South Bank, at the end of the day .

A selection of friends and family came to stay with us at Treharrock in August (thank you all for coming!) and had a fine time despite the dreadful weather. You can see Isabel in her vivid flowery top on the one sunny day. We enjoyed sailing, surfing, kite flying, fishing, riding and walking. Sadly we lost our old dog Holly on the last day when she chased her final rabbit over the cliff at Pentire.

In October half term the six of us took our first overseas holiday together in Sorrento, Italy. Sorrento turned out to be a lovely place with more scooters than the Vespa factory! The weather held for us, with the children swimming in the unheated outside pool, and gave us a chance to visit the sites. You'll see us at Pompeii and at Paestum in the picture. You'll also see Dougal exploring a Roman bar, and if you look very carefully you'll find a gecko.

Amy (12) is getting on well at school, has just taken up the saxophone and has a nice set of friends. She and a shower room have now moved into the attic adjacent to Nick's study. Ed (11) got a skateboard last Christmas and is learning lots of tricks. Amazingly he hasn't hurt himself too badly yet! He also loves the diabolo (see "mango diaboloer" on Youtube.com). Isabel (7) is very happy at school and continues industrial scale cutting and sticking. She has just discovered Lego and has finally mastered her bicycle. Dougal (1) is a joy but keeps us very busy. A typical day involves 3 changes of clothes (falling in the pond, climbing in the washbasin and a ketchup incident), repacking the kitchen cupboards 6 times, and fishing the toothpaste out of the toilet. Dougal has taken up skateboarding and diaboloing too. In fact everything Ed does Dougal wants to do too!

For the parents, finding time for family, work, play and sleep is challenging! Nick works from home less these days, spending most of his time at the Memset office in Guildford. Nick has enjoyed his new camera this year (a DSLR) and has been having autumnal fun with his new leaf blower. Loveday mostly whizzes around after the children but continues to love her book group and still knits when she can. She enjoyed time out learning to dingy sail in the summer.

We're looking forward to a Merry Christmas at Treharrock with Loveday's family and we hope you have one too!