FCFS: History and Credits



0.00 -- 24Mar94
The first version of the FCFS filing system: itself a FileCore filing system. However a huge problem appeared: FileCore isn't re-entrant! So it would work over a network quite happily but not on a local FileCore disc.
1.00 -- 20Sep95
First fully working version, with an image filing system (with its own code to read from FileCore disc images), image creation and restoration.
1.01 -- 26Sep95
Fixed a bug that prevented some files (especially fragmented ones) from being correctly read from an image.
Now works with new FSes running with old FileCore.
1.02 -- 23Feb96
Fixed problems with hidden files when used together with FilerPatch.
Objects that shared sectors with the root directory are now correctly read from images.
Added support for compressed images.
Fixed problems with RISCiX or RiscBSD partitioned hard discs (the partition is no longer copied to the image).
1.10 -- 22Feb97
Multitasking while compressing an image tidied up
Fixed a few typos in program text and redid manual
Fixed adjust clicking on MakeImage radios
Added images information window


We'd like to thank the following people who contributed in some way to the development of FCFS:
  • Martin J Ebourne for his memory allocation functions, used in the desktop frontend and his module code.
  • Jason Williams (and all the other collaborators) for DeskLib.
  • Dave Lawrence, Mike Brown and George Foot for being diligent beta testers.